The Courage to Do Anything

Recently I spoke with an acquaintance who had years of experience running his own business, working for someone else expanding regional markets, and juggling various investment opportunities. Each story he told was fascinating.

He traveled to Vietnam, Myanmar and Australia. That’s nothing new these days. But he traveled to these places before year 2000. That was when travel wasn’t as convenient as today, and infrastructure wasn’t as well-established.

He also started up the offices for his company in these countries. That takes a lot of planning, exploring, negotiating, and decision-making. It takes not only someone who is technically competent, but someone who knows understands the art of business.

Every few years was a another chapter for him, another mission, another adventure. I felt that his life was so colorful and full; even though there were definitely challenges, it was these ups and downs that made his years so meaningful and fascinating. There was so much to learn.

It made me wonder about the paths each of us take.

There’s the road less taken. The life that is always exploring, fighting, trying. Yes, life will be hard. But if things came easily, where is the growth? Where is the learning? What would life mean? Would we feel satisfied?

Making a choice to do something takes courage. Choosing a career path takes courage. Getting married, having kids takes courage. Buying a home takes courage. Choosing not to buy a home take courage too. It all depends on the situation for each individual at that point in time. It is important that we view our journey as a series of decisions that we make, with life itself thrown into the mix.

I encourage all of us to lead our lives with courage, to explore the possibilities of what we could be capable of. To have the courage to do anything! To have the courage to lead fascinating lives, tell the best stories, and to know, deep inside you, that the possibilities are endless.

p.s. Of course, we should always abide by our morals and values 🙂

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