Portfolio Review (Sep 2019)

It’s September! I just did a quick review of my portfolio:

The numbers are not so different from last month’s portfolio. I’m pretty happy with my current holdings amid these uncertain times. Let’s dive down into the highlights in the past month.

Yummy, yummy dividends!

August is a bountiful month! The last month that gave me delicious dividends was in May. I collected about $700-$800 in dividends, while opting for additional shares in some of my holdings.

The amount may not be a lot, but having it to off-set some of my spending is really a blessing. I know that times are rocky and some people may advocate ‘sell, sell, sell’, but I know that for me to exit and re-enter the market will take a lot of effort. I’m happy keeping things the way they are.

Gold as a safe haven

These times are uncertain and there are more and more doubts surrounding the strength of currencies worldwide. Consequently, the price of gold has been increasing quite a bit. Well-prepared investors already stocked up on gold must be rejoicing at the recent climb.

As the effects of globalisation give way to protectionism, and political situations are happening all around the world, it is no wonder that gold is climbing. I would add more if I could, but perhaps the time (and funds) is not right yet for me.

Investment in self

At the end of the day, we can only depend on ourselves – our knowledge and skills – to bring us out of any situation, any circumstance. I am a big believer in self-improvement for hard skills and soft skills. If you can’t find anything to invest in, or the time is not right, or you have insufficient funds, invest in yourself! In fact, any time is a good time to invest in yourself.

Perhaps you might think of seminars and courses to attend. Remember that free online courses, youtube, and reading are also great ways to learn! I’ve been dropping by the library every now and then, and checking out National Library Board’s app for e-books and audio books. Reading the news also provides a lot of valuable information. I think now the challenge is having enough time for rest.

That’s all folks, hope September will be another happy month!

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