It’s a wrap for 2019! Portfolio Dividend update!

My last dividends just came in for the year! Here’s a shot of my dividends from the Singapore portfolio.

Started investing and tracking my Singapore portfolio seriously in Jun 2018, and since then I’ve been pumping moolah into my Singapore portfolio, to the tune of 5k to 15k each month. So it was pretty natural for my dividends to increase.

Looking at the dividends collected in 2019, I think that even if I don’t add on to my Singapore portfolio, I expect the dividends coming in next year to be more given the additions to my portfolio towards the end of this year. Current yield stands at 2.5% of the total portfolio amount today, mainly because:

  • I added stocks throughout the end of the year
  • I chose scrip dividends for some of my holdings when I felt it made more sense

Main holdings are:

  1. Mapletree commercial
  2. OCBC
  3. Mapletree logistics
  4. DBS
  5. Mapletree industrial

My mapletree trio had a nice run-up from 2018, so I was lucky. But we’ll see how 2020 goes! To more dividends and beyond!


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